An update on the next steps for the UK National Advisory Board on Impact Investing

Wednesday 10th April 2019

The UK National Advisory Board on Impact Investing (“UK NAB”) and the Implementation Taskforce on Growing a Culture on Social Impact Investing in the UK (“Taskforce”) are pleased to be exploring a joint future in a new organisation for social impact investing in the UK.

The initiative is being led by their chairs, Sir Harvey McGrath (Chair of Big Society Capital and former Chair of Prudential plc and Man Group plc) and Elizabeth Corley (former CEO of Allianz Global Investors), and driven by the enthusiasm of their members and supporters to provide a focal point for social impact investing in the UK.

It will build on their successes and the UK’s strong leadership in impact investing, by creating a more ambitious and better resourced organisation to stimulate the next phase of market growth and social impact.

The two groups are working closely together and consulting stakeholders on the design of the new organisation. More details will be provided as plans progress over the coming months but do get in touch if you would like to discuss how you can support the initiative.


Call to Action International Development Convening

Wednesday 24th January 2018

On January 24th, the UK NAB convened a diverse group of over 40 senior executives form leading UK organisations, all committed to using their respective financial capital, human capital and intellectual capital towards a more inclusive and sustainable society.

Our immediate task was to convert into action the recommendations set forth in Chapter 5 of the UK NAB 2017 report, The Rise of Impact: Five steps towards and inclusive and sustainable economy (see below). The specific challenge for the day was to identify concrete steps that can be taken in the near-term to breathe life into the recommendations and to accelerate progress among a growing community of actors and stakeholders.   

Download the Convening Progress Report



Five steps towards an inclusive and sustainable economy

We stand at a critical juncture. In this era of significant social, environmental, and political challenges, we have an opportunity and an imperative to move towards a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

In this report, we offer a five-point strategy to harness impact investing and purposeful business to help tackle some of the UK’s most pressing societal challenges at scale – while also boosting inclusive and sustainable economic growth, and establishing the UK as a global thought-leader in this field. 

Download the Report


Summary Reports & Working Papers 


Social Impact Investment Taskforce Summary Report 2014.

Impact Investment: The Invisible Heart of Markets: Harnessing the power of entrepreneurship, innovation and capital for public good


High-level recommendations critical to the success of impact investment worldwide on pages 6-7 of the report. 


Building a Social Impact Investment Market: The UK experience


High-level recommendations critical to strengthen and scale the UK impact investment sector on pages 28-34 of the report. 


UK NAB Working Group Papers 2014

Recommendations on Procurement: A report on the issues of public sector procurement and the impact for social investment -


This report aims to analyse procurement in those areas of service delivery of particular interest to impact investment and impact investors. It sets out background to the issue, the work undertaken by the group and its recommendations. 


The Social Business Frontier: A report that investigates how to recognise and protect the social impact that business delivers in the UK


This paper outlines thinking and practice at the frontier of business and society, relevant to everyone who invests in, is employed by or operates a business.


Building the Capacity for Impact: A report on the capacities needed by the social sector to deliver the aims of the social investment market


‘Investment-readiness’ to date has not taken into account the ability of investees to reliably deliver social outcomes (‘impact-readiness’). This paper has a series of recommendations for government, commissioners, investors and grant-makers, which aims to begin to tackle this issue head-on.


UK Government Strategy on Impact Investment


Social Investment: A force for social change; 2016 strategy

The UK government sets out what it has achieved over the last 5 years and what is seeks to achieve domestically over the next 5 years.


Social Investment: The UK as a global hub; 2016 international strategy

This strategy is an annex to the domestic strategy paper above. During the last parliament, the government established the UK as a global leader in the field of impact investment. This paper sets out their plans to maintain this position and deliver international market growth in collaboration with the Cabinet Office, UK Trade and Investment, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the British Council and the Department for International Development.


Social Impact Investment Taskforce Working Group Papers


Measuring Impact: Subject paper of the Impact Measurement Working Group


This report provides guidelines for impact measurement to impact investors – current and future – who may be for profit or non-profit, investing in ventures, as well as a vision for the evolution of impact measurement in the years’ ahead. 


Allocating for Impact: Subject Paper of the Asset Allocation Working Group


This paper presents a series of frameworks to help both investors and policymakers align their investment strategy with their societal values, including impact investments across a balanced investment portfolio. 


Profit-With-Purpose Businesses: Subject paper of the Mission Alignment Working Group


This working group believes that profit-with-purpose businesses will create substantial social impact and will attract investment to enable growth. They identify a definition, a legal framework, starting positions, market mechanisms, and existing systems to build upon. 


International Development: Subject paper of the International Development Working Group


The working group assessed how impact investment can help to further drive economic development and improvement on social issues in developing countries. This report provides key recommendations on some proposed joint initiatives to advance the impact investing market for the benefit of the world’s poor populations.