The Global Impact Investment Steering Group (GSG) was established in August 2015 as the successor to the Social Impact Investment Taskforce to advance the global impact investment agenda across a wider membership of 13 countries plus the EU (G8 countries minus Russia plus Australia, Brazil, India, Israel, Mexico and Portugal). Each member country must have a National Advisory Board to participate in the Global Steering Group.

Chaired by Sir Ronald Cohen, the GSG aims to harness the power of capital, entrepreneurship and innovation to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing our societies in the 21st century through: 


The pursuit of shared objectives and coordinated actions among member states


Tracking and communicating progress towards implementation of the Social Impact Investment Taskforce’s recommendations (as published in a set of reports which can be found here)


Facilitating knowledge exchange and providing practical assistance to existing members and potential future members through webinars, visits, workshops at plenaries etc.



The GSG brings together leaders from the worlds of finance, business and philanthropy across the globe, as well as government officials and network organisations active in supporting the impact investment sector.