Our Vision

To build a sustainable and inclusive economy. 

Our Mission


Measurable impact is regularly embraced as a deliberate driver in investment and business decisions to create better outcomes for stakeholders and wider society.

Michele Giddens

Chair of the UK National Advisory  Board on Impact Investing

"Impact investors are increasingly proving that capital can be a powerful force for social change. The UK currently faces stark challenges. Large sections of the population feel that the economic system does not work for them, crucial public services like health and education are under severe pressure and we face global environmental challenges. All of this highlights the need for a more inclusive, more sustainable approach to business. Impact investment can play a vital role in addressing these and many other challenges, by delivering better, more cost-effective outcomes for the most underserved members of society. So I’m delighted to be chairing the UK National Advisory Board at such a critical time, as we look to take this movement into the mainstream."

The UK is one of 13 member countries plus the EU of the Global Impact Investment Steering Group, which has been
set up to advance a global impact investment agenda.